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Personalisation of


Each family and each person has particular needs when it comes to organising their wardrobe or dressing room. At defusta we develop a customised project to cover all these needs. We make the most of every possible centimetre as we have a multitude of accessories to keep everything well organised.

Our company opens up a wide range of possibilities to choose both the design and the layout of the wardrobe. Our customers can choose the smallest detail. Starting with the accessories and continuing with the material in all its options, at defusta we always offer the best alternatives for each case. We work with the best brands, Emuca, Blum and Hettich.

In addition, we translate clients' requests into a realistic drawing in order to anticipate the final result of their project.

Thinking about


At defusta we design our kitchens so that accessibility and comfort go hand in hand. Ergonomics takes precedence when designing the furniture for the new kitchen.

Planning and distributing spaces

We divide the kitchen into five spaces: pantry area, storage area, cleaning area, preparation area and cooking area. Each of them has a type of configuration designed according to the particular space available and a series of accessories to optimise and facilitate its use. Each zone has a strategic location within the kitchen to make working in it comfortable.

There are different options to make the most of corners and dead spaces and that is why we assemble the best fittings for every need.

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At defusta we will help you with the decoration of spaces that require completely made-to-measure furniture. We make decorative and functional made-to-measure furniture: shelving, bathroom furniture, dining rooms, bedrooms, offices, counters...

Our experience allows us to advise you and suggest the best solutions to carry out your decorative projects.

In short, we will give shape to your ideas, executing professionally and in detail everything you want us to do.

Contact us

We would love to help you create the perfect piece of furniture for you. If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us.